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At Metal by the Foot, we understand the need to service our customers. To quickly provide you with material cut to size, to assist with your projects. We understand our role in the industry as a metal supplier, not a fabrication company. We do not offer any fabrication services. We do not try to compete with our customers who make their living doing fabrication or machining work.

Aluminum Plate Sawing:

Max. Thickness 3”
Max. Length 60”
Standard Tolerance -0/+1/8”

Band Sawing:

Max. Capacity 18” Rd or Sq
Miter Cutting Up to 60 degrees
Standard Sawing Tolerance +/- 1/16”
Computer Controlled Cutting Tolerance +/- .030”


Max Thickness ½”
Max Length 10’
Standard Shearing Tolerance +/- 1/8”

CNC Plasma Cutting:

Max Material Thickness 1”
Max Table Size 4’ x 4’
Standard Plasma Tolerance +/- 1/16”
.DXF Files are directly importable

Our job is to process your order as quickly as possible using the equipment we have. If you have a need for your material to be cut a specific way (such as band sawed, not sheared), please let us know at the time the order is placed.

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1501 NW Lower Silver Lake Road - Topeka, KS 66608|TEL: (785) 233-0555|FAX: (785) 233-0566
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