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Patina Copper

Patina Copper

Common Uses:

•Copper Kitchen Backsplash

•Copper Oven Hoods

•Copper Bar Tops

•Copper Table Tops

•Copper Cabinet Veneers/Inlays

•Copper Fireplace Mantles

•Artwork & Furniture

For Photos Of Copper Uses Click Here!!

Our copper is .005 thick and can be cut with standard scissors, yet it is quite durable.

If you take aluminum foil and fold it approx. 5 times, you will have an idea of how thick our copper sheet is. A 3’ x 4’ sheet weighs almost 3 pounds.

Our copper is pure and soft 110 Annealed Copper.

It is easy to fold and can be glued with either contact cement or certain glues that can be spread on wood and pressure applied using a roller, or vacuum compressed.

 The Process

The process includes many crafts such as woodworking, copper-smithing, casting and firing, and the "Earth Burial" patina process. The work also involves a careful selection of materials by matching colors and patina patterns of each copper piece in order to achieve a striking, yet harmonious visual effect. This task requires much time and judgment.

The "secret" to the unique color copper product is the exceptional finishes that are produced using a technique that has been developed from over a decade of experimentation. This technique is called the "Earth Burial" method, as it best mimics the natural aging process of time, not duplicated anywhere else on this planet, except on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Truly a joy to behold!


 The pure copper sheets undergo a variety of controlled "Earth Burial" processes--each creating a unique patina and color. Not only is the copper and construction substantial, the finish is durable. Just like the raku ceramics process, nature intrudes, defining the process and product. It is amazing to see sheets of pure, lustrous, machined copper transformed into a beautiful piece of art.


Because each piece is unique, you should expect slight variations in color and patina pattern; for example, no two "Rojo's" are alike. You should also expect each artifact to be packed and shipped with the utmost care, and speaking of care, a simple light waxing every now and then will maintain the patina nicely.


This beautiful copper sheet is a custom, handcrafted product, made at the time of your order. Therefore, PLEASE select carefully the patina finish you are wanting, as there are no returns accepted on these items.

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  1. Copper Patina Sample Pack

    Patina Copper Sample Pack
    Patina Copper Sample Pack
  2. Antique Copper Sheet

    Antique Copper Sheet
    Taking inspiration from the items found in antique shops across the world, this style combines subtle lights and darks entertwined with the original copper color, and delivers an aged, well-loved look to anything it is applied to.
  3. Flamed Copper Sheet

    Flamed Copper Sheet
    This design is like the combination of fire and a sheet of paper just as it is being burned. Nearly hollow black splotches surrounded by fiery yellows are matched with an enthralling orange backdrop.
  1. Autumn Copper Sheet

    Autumn Copper Sheet
    Designed to mimic the beautiful colors of autumn, this design utilizes vibrant splashes of red, orange, and yellow to achieve the same visual effect as a mid October treetop.
  2. Sunburst Copper Sheet

    Sunburst Copper Sheet
    Radiant bursts of orange with droplets of black give Sunburst it's warmth and beauty.
  3. Rustic Copper Sheet

    Rustic Copper Sheet
    Similar to the antique style, this design incorporates dark copper shades to give a weathered look reminiscent of one that could be found on an old farm house.
  1. Bamboo Copper Sheet

    Bamboo Copper Sheet
    This alluring design has copper tinted areas with many random burn marks.
  2. Bamboo Forest Copper Sheet

    Bamboo Forest Copper Sheet
    Conjuring the feeling of standing amongst a towering bamboo forest, this design employs long, dragging burn marks and variations of the original copper color to create an enthralling picture.
  3. Golden Bamboo Copper Sheet

    Golden Bamboo Copper Sheet
    Very similar to the original bamboo styling, this design further accents the burn marks with a gold finish to the copper color, giving it an overall brighter feel .
  1. Enchantment Copper Sheet

    Enchantment Copper Sheet
    A recent design that has the appearance of a waterfall.
  2. Stellar Copper Sheet

    Stellar Copper Sheet
    This spectacular new look gives a sensation of comets moving through space. It contains shades of red, brown, gold, and black.
  3. Zebra Copper Sheet

    Zebra Copper Sheet
    Black with vertical or horizontal stripes of brown and coppery areas running through the copper.
  1. Azul Copper Sheet

    Azul Copper Sheet
    Another long time favorite - Rich blues and turquoise dominate over shades of brown and copper areas. Popular for years in New Mexico and Arizona. Also for large jobs order all sheets at one time as they are hard to duplicate.
  2. Mystic Topaz Copper Sheet

    Mystic Topaz Copper Sheet
    Utilizing a lighter blue than the standard Azul sheet, this style perfectly meshes small black burn marks, subtle browns, and pops of light blue to create a truly enchanting finish.
  3. Leopard Copper Sheet

    Leopard Copper Sheet
    Like the fur of the animal it is named after, this design combines bright copper color and a multitude of deep black burn marks for a spotted, enthralling finish.
  1. Verde Copper Sheet

    Verde Copper Sheet
    A long time favorite containing several tones of green blended with "islands" of copper. (If you're doing a large project, please order all of the sheets at one time so we can match them for you.)
  2. Irish Moss Copper Sheet

    Irish Moss Copper Sheet
    Deep black burn marks and vibrant greens and browns collide to create a soft, earthy tone. Well suited for bringing the feel of the outdoors to any part of your home.
  3. Mottled Copper Sheet

    Mottled Copper Sheet
    Black with reddish brown and coppery areas coming through. Truly Beautiful.
  1. Distressed Copper Sheet (Medium)

    Distressed Copper Sheet (Medium)
    A wonderful pebbly grain with other burns and marks. Medium color distressed.
  2. Distressed Copper Sheet (Dark)

    Distressed Copper Sheet (Dark)
    A wonderful pebbly grain with other burns and marks. Medium color distressed.
  3. Distressed Copper Sheet (Light)

    Distressed Copper Sheet (Light)
    A wonderful pebbly grain with other burns and marks. Light color distressed.
  1. Golden Copper Sheet

    Golden Copper Sheet
    A light, dazzling style that applies a soft gold finish to a sheet of raw copper. The end result is a simple but immediately eye-catching centerpiece to any room or surface.
  2. Rojo Y Negro Copper Sheet

    Rojo Y Negro Copper Sheet
    Beautiful shades of red and black mixed with coppery areas; it also includes gorgeous streaks and marks.
  3. Rojo Copper Sheet

    Rojo Copper Sheet
    Beautiful shades of red, orange, blue-green, and slight hints of black. Our #1 Seller for 18 years.
  1. Raw Copper Sheet

    Raw Copper Sheet
    Standard raw copper sheet.
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