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Save Phace™ Welding Helmets

Save Phace™ Welding Helmets

Save Phace™ Welding Helmets


You've seen the rest, now meet the best. Introducing the Save Phace™ Welding Lineup. With industry leading specifications, including up to 40 in² (yes, we typed that correctly) of viewing area on a 180° lens design, these helmets were made with world class performance in mind. Lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable through a multi-point halo headgear, these helmets provide a spacious fit every time. A military grade anti-abrasion coating gives them some of the toughest protection in the industry, and allows them to function exceptionally well as splash guards and grinding masks.


These helmets don't just function well, they also provide head turning designs sure to catch the eye of anyone who walks into your shop. From Marvel characters to classic skulls and flames, there's something for everybody in these designs. Or, if you're someone who prefers substance over flash and flair, there's a flat black option in every style.


Don't be content with blending in. Get the best, and be the best.

  1. Save Phace EFP Series
    Save Phace EFP Series
  2. Save Phace RFP Series
    Save Phace RFP Series
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  1. Cletus

    Save Phace Cletus Welding Helmet
  2. Skeletor

    Save Phace Skeletor Welding Helmet
  3. Dead King

    Dead King
    Save Phace Dead King Welding Helmet
  1. Kannibal

    Save Phace Kannibal Welding Helmet
  2. MO2

    Save Phace MO2 Welding Helmet
  3. Warpig

    Save Phace Warpig Welding Helmet
  1. Captain Jack

    Captain Jack
    Save Phace Captain Jack Welding Helmet
  2. MO3

    Save Phace MO3 Welding Helmet
  3. Master Sergeant

    Master Sergeant
    Save Phace Master Sergeant Welding Helmet
  1. Gassed

    Save Phace Gassed Welding Helmet
  2. Ripped

    Save Phace Ripped Welding Helmet
  3. Fired Up

    Fired Up
    Save Phace Fired Up Welding Helmet
  1. The Dynasty

    The Dynasty
    Save Phace The Dynasty Welding Helmet
  2. Bubba

    Save Phace Bubba Welding Helmet
  3. Black Asp

    Black Asp
    Save Phace Black Asp Welding Helmet
  1. DOA

    Save Phace DOA Welding Helmet
  2. Chameleon

    Save Phace Chameleon Welding Helmet
  3. Smiley

    Save Phace Smiley Welding Helmet
  1. Gate Keeper

    Gate Keeper
    Save Phace Gate Keeper Welding Helmet
  2. MO1

    Save Phace MO1 Welding Helmet
  3. Hidden Agenda

    Hidden Agenda
    Save Phace Hidden Agenda Welding Helmet
  1. D-Day

    Save Phace D-Day Welding Helmet
  2. The Patriot

    The Patriot
    Save Phace The Patriot Welding Helmet
  3. Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead
    Save Phace Day of the Dead Welding Helmet
24 Item(s) Show per page
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